Why are we telling you all the bad things that are happening right here in our community and in our state? You may think, “I watch the news. I read the paper. I get it. There’s crime. There’s crime everywhere. I hear about it every day.”
We’d say you’re right. Except – we want that acceptance to change. We no longer want to watch it happen. We want to make it stop. For good. And we believe it is fully possible to achieve.

We want to get your motor revving. Get you ready to say you’ll join us. One hour of time for each of us every month to help a cause battling this war for our community could change our world.

We want you to read these pages and realize that if we all do nothing…if we all say “wow, did you hear about so and so?” or “can you believe this person died?” and then go get a coffee and drive to work – we will come to a place where the wholesome Ohio we know and love will be too full of violent crime and drugs to prevent our children from knowing what safe feels like.

Today, these numbers and national accolades we are getting for being the #1 state in the US for Heroin and Opioid overdoses oozes into the increase in crime. It’s all connected. And as you learn through these reports and pages of Bad News, criminal and drug behavior doesn’t necessarily target just the poor or uneducated. This is also the same for our sick children. We firmly believe no child should have to fight big battles, nor should any parent have to watch their child fight it.

Crime or addiction can happen any at-risk youth or adult at any social economic class or education level. Addiction is a mean and ruthless beast.

Childhood cancer knows no status or pattern either. Cancer is downright evil and devastating.

So why are we telling you all the bad news? Because we want you to agree and say “NO. Not in my town. Not in my state.” This is to set the benchmark of statistics we will one day remember and laugh at. Watch diminish. Not grow.

We know it takes a strong community to build strong kids and even stronger interventions to prevent anyone from starting this path of destruction.

What’s an hour a month worth to you?


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