Violent Crime

Curious of how violent crimes and drugs are connected? According to the National Council of Alcohol and Drug Dependency, a lot. In the tune of 80%.

When suspects are arrested, about 60% are under the influence of a substance. In November of 2016, Ohio hit the #1 spot of a nationwide ranking. One you don’t’ want to win. We currently lead the country in overdose deaths. We have beat out New York and California.

And what about crime? Current available data has stated that in the first half of 2016 (January – June) We Ohio citizens were victimized 40,349 times. Not hitting home yet? 11,726 were in Columbus. More than 1 in 4 crimes in our entire state happened in Columbus.

The total crimes break out further – 5,396 of them were classified as violent, meaning a victim was actually involved or present within the crime. 2,202 of this total were in Columbus. Forced rape in Columbus was reported 408 times in those six months and 42 people were murdered.

Within Union County, dubbed the fastest growing county within Central Ohio crime continues to also grow for local law enforcement. The police received 677 calls for crimes or violence – 264 of which were deemed domestic, involving women or children. Additional calls for drugs and overdoses are even more staggering.


Maryhaven at the Mills Center

Maryhaven provides integrated behavioral healthcare services, with a specialization in addiction recovery care, to help men, women, and children restore their lives from the effects of addictive and mental illness regardless of ability to pay.   Maryhaven accepts Medicaid,  most health insurances and thanks to funding from the Mental Health and Recovery Board, is able to provide services on a sliding fee schedule to residents of Union County.

Wings Enrichment Center

To provide an environment for growth and support of those who are striving for recovery of mental health and sobriety. It is a place to socialize, attend groups, strengthen abilities, and recognize talents. The Wings Center provides a place to come and feel safe, and get to know other people in our community, work together or just talk.   The support we offered you cannot buy.    It is also a place to come and just be if you need to get away from home, or just have some quiet time.

Wings is open Monday through Friday  at 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.    Drop in at any time to talk, to work on computers in the resource center, be creative in the art room, to play cards.    In addition are regularly scheduled Bingo, Ceramics classes, Job Club Training, Exercise groups, trips to YMCA, Sports group, Movie Night, Lunches and  Support Groups.    Be a part of planning for future activities. Transportation Available.

Union County Drug Coalition

The Union County Anti-Drug Coalition provides information, education, and support services to children, families, and the community.