1969 Mustang Raffle

Performance Columbus Associates will donate their time and talents to turn junk cars into prized pieces of automotive excellence with donated materials and services from our valued partners.  All gross-proceeds from the sale of the cars will go to IMPACT60.

Raffle tickets for $100 each per chance can be purchased for each special, unique, one-of-a-kind car at the store that dealership that is doing this classic restoration.

CURRENT RAFFLE 1969 Mustang convertible tickets available at The Columbus International Auto Show and Toyota Direct


Associate, Kevin Warner, found the car from a friend and it was hauled to the Toyota Direct parking lot. It gathered snow and probably some additional rust. Eagerly, the team dreamed and then passionately got started. Dee West, Chris Fowler and Ralph Zugschwert created partnerships with vendors to select the top shelf parts for this future magnificent mare. Broc Schoonover and Dan Callahan rolled their sleeves up to expertly prep the car. They continued to craft and toil over the body along with fellow Associates, Eric Belknap, Nick Hager and Kevin Warner. Their combined automotive prowess was also geared toward the engine rebuild. Armed with state-of-the-art tools and instruments, Spencer Welch and Matt Zugschwert began the Mustang transformation with paint.  The story will continue to unfold…

1969 Mustang convertible with complete restoration will boast the following exquisite details:
• Every panel is new or reworked/repaired by expert restoration technicians.
• Entire undercarriage is epoxy coated to prevent rust and all new red paint applied to exterior with boss style stripes in gunmetal gray.
• The entire interior will be restored to original in saddle with black stitching. The convertible top will be new and saddle.
• The front suspension is converted to a mustang 2 with coil over, disc brakes and rack and pinion.
• The rear suspension will be all new as well and will be rear disc brakes.
• The engine is a 351 Windsor and is completely rebuilt with fuel injection and a mild camshaft.
• The transmission is a brand new performance C4 with automatic valve body.
• Below is similar to how it will look.

Stay Tuned For Future Raffles

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