Are you aware of all the good things going on in your community?

In this day in age it seems as though bad news gets all the attention. You turn on the TV and get bombarded with hateful, sad, and scary news stories. While it’s important to be well educated on what is going on in your community and country and world – sometimes bad news can be very overwhelming. It’s also something we can become conditioned to and eventually apathetic to our world.

Our Impact60 team wants to show you all the good that is going on around you.
Every. Single. Day.

We want everyone to be aware of all the good news and notice it. We want YOU to experience the rewarding fulfillment of creating good news with Impact60.

Take a look at our Hope Stories to get inspired and restore your faith in humanity. (Believe us – there’s tremendous people out there!) Maybe an idea could be sparked and you could create your own hope story!

Want to Help us Help? Check in and see what is happening on this page often. There are always events going on to help raise funds for various charities and foundations.

Here are a few links for you to look at to see all the good happening around you!