Our nation is in the midst of an unprecedented opiate epidemic involving prescription pain medication and heroin. Ohio is facing this issue. No single factor can predict whether a person will become addicted, just as no person is exempt from risk.

1 in Every 9 People Who Die from Heroin Overdose in the United States Live in Ohio.

1 in Every 14 People Who Die of Synthetic Opioids Overdoses in the United States Live in Ohio.

Read that again. Can you believe it? With 51 other states including New York, Texas and California – we have the worst drug deaths. Can you accept it? We cannot.

Everyone likes to be #1. But not in wasted deaths due to drugs.

3,050 and Climbing. Do you know how many people died in car accidents last year? 1,249. Nearly three times more Ohioans died from an overdose than a vehicle.

What do you do? Many resources to the right need volunteers. At-risk teens need mentors to prevent trying drugs. Recovering addicts need mentors to help them not relapse. Addicts need professional help.

Referencing 2016 information from Union County, just in their area they received 102 police calls for drug abuse, 19 of which were overdose situations.

Drug abuse and crime are directly related. With 80% of crimes connected to drug usage, eradicating both can only happening when we proactively engage with everyone in need in our community to prevent the abuse in the first place.

Starting with our children, schools, after school programs, arts, hobbies, interests and basic essentials for kids to thrive – together we can do this. Be a part of the Impact60 movement. Inspired giving. Giving of time or supporting monetarily if you don’t have an hour a week or month to give.

Learn How to Help us Help.

Thankfully in recent years the State has put in place a very aggressive and comprehensive approach to fighting addiction and overdoses.  Visit Budget of the State of Ohio. to learn more about the budget breakdown allocated to fight drug abuse.

Each of us have an opportunity to be part of the solution. Here are some strategies:


  • Talk to your children frequently about remaining drug free.
  • Ask your doctor about low risk options for pain management.
  • Carefully monitor and store prescription pain medication to prevent abuse.
  • Dispose of expired or unneeded prescription pain medication at a local drug drop box or Prescription take back event.


  • Know the signs and symptoms of opiate addiction.
  • Access free Rapid Access screening at Maryhaven to determine if treatment is necessary.
  • Work with a substance abuse professional to develop a personalized treatment plan.
  • Medication Assisted Treatment may be a part of the treatment plan.

Recovery & Support:

  • Know that relapse is not only possible, it is likely.
  • Learn about the nature of addiction as a disease.
  • Attend 12-Step Program to support recovery.
  • Family and friends should seek support and establish clear boundaries.
  • Develop a strong support system of care which include treatment professionals, family, friends and peers in recovery.
  • Know that treatment can work and people do recover.

Overdose Response:

  • Call 911 first for suspected overdose.
  • Access a Naloxone kit at a local pharmacy.
  • Attend Project Dawn Training at www.uchd.net and
    equip the next generation to pursue a hopeful future.
Signs & Symptoms of Opiate Addiction


Neglecting Other Activities or Responsibilities

Flu Like Symptoms · Risk Taking · Relationship Issues

Secrecy · Stealing · Nausea or Vomiting

Extreme Fatigue · Slurred Speech

Continued Use Despite Negative Consequences


Constricted Pupils · Neglect in Appearance

Covering Arms · Slowed Breathing · Flushed Skin


  • Ask for help
  • Talk to your kids – often!
  • Whether it’s a formal or informal commitment, connect with someone and become a mentor


Maryhaven at the Mills Center

Maryhaven provides integrated behavioral healthcare services, with a specialization in addiction recovery care, to help men, women, and children restore their lives from the effects of addictive and mental illness regardless of ability to pay.   Maryhaven accepts Medicaid,  most health insurances and thanks to funding from the Mental Health and Recovery Board, is able to provide services on a sliding fee schedule to residents of Union County.


Wings Enrichment Center

To provide an environment for growth and support of those who are striving for recovery of mental health and sobriety. It is a place to socialize, attend groups, strengthen abilities, and recognize talents. The Wings Center provides a place to come and feel safe, and get to know other people in our community, work together or just talk.   The support we offered you cannot buy.    It is also a place to come and just be if you need to get away from home, or just have some quiet time.

Wings is open Monday through Friday  at 9:00 am until 5:00 pm.    Drop in at any time to talk, to work on computers in the resource center, be creative in the art room, to play cards.    In addition are regularly scheduled Bingo, Ceramics classes, Job Club Training, Exercise groups, trips to YMCA, Sports group, Movie Night, Lunches and  Support Groups.    Be a part of planning for future activities. Transportation Available.


Union County Drug Coalition

The Union County Anti-Drug Coalition provides information, education, and support services to children, families, and the community.



 More Resources…

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