You Give. An hour might not seem like a lot of time, but every moment in our lives shapes who we become. At IMPACT60, that’s exactly how we feel about our most valuable asset:  time. We know that every moment holds the potential to better our community. By volunteering just an hour, you can influence someone’s life and create a lasting impact for years to come. Imagine if everyone in our community contributed just 60 minutes a week of their time — or two hours every two weeks or four hours a month–that same value would increase exponentially.


Bruce Daniels, founded IMPACT60 on the belief that individuals who share their time can transform a community. IMPACT60 was created in Central Ohio to inspire the giving of time and resources to help those in need. We believe everyone can positively change their life given opportunity and support. Through programming and initiatives, IMPACT60 strives to support and inspire dreamers, organizations and volunteers who are dedicated to sustaining a caring community. A 60-minute investment is a small commitment which can positively transform the days, weeks, months and years of many lives in our community.

IMPACT60 is a 501 (c) (3)  organization and a recognized non-profit organization in the State of Ohio.  IMPACT60 followers are committed to the philosophy that everyone and anyone can make a positive impact in a community.  Start with giving just 60 minutes of your time. 

We Give.

To request funds or support from IMPACT60, Inc., complete the grant application located at the link below.

IMPACT60, Inc. Grant Application